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October 27, 2007
Try to learn about e-commerce blog
I am a blogger since about 6 years a go, and I have known a little about e commerce, frankly, I really interesting about planning to start an e commerce blog, especially in interior design, I will promote this blog to the entire of the world. And before any serious undertaking that requires my time and effort, I always make a plan and my e commerce website should be no different.

The truth is, if I fail to plan, I plan to fail. But what exactly goes into an e commerce website plan? Having a solid plan of action can help me more easily measure my results, test new marketing avenues and stay connected with my target audience. By having an e commerce plan, I will be able to see what’s working, rather than guessing and hoping for the best.

There is thousands till millions of e commerce websites over internet, this is managemeticaly, you can buy, add products, and checkout automaticaly. Who is the artist from this sides ? Sure, the artist is the maker and designer of the e-commerce websites. There is many web that offer e commerce maker service, and of course, this will make us so confuse, because we don’t know how the quality of each services, but too many e commerce ventures collapse because the people involved didn't bother to secure the supply and distribution of their product ahead of time. What happens when people shopping online don't get the product they ordered in a reasonable amount of time or don't get it at all? They get angry, and chances are good, no matter how nicely you apologize to them, they'll never buy anything from you again. And they'll tell all their friends how unhappy they are with your crummy service!

I should consider when taking my e commerce services website from concept to creation. I have to do research and make strategy (using this strategy virtually guarantees that my efforts to focus in on the right types of customers are well-rewarded, saving my time and money). Next step is planning (this is the time to ask myself crucial questions regarding how much (or how little) knowledge someone must have about my product or service to make a purchase). Then, Information Architecture (here i’ll consider the navigation and layout of the site as well as best practices for overall user experience). Next, it’s about Design (if the site does not project a style that is attractive and pleasing, the customer may mistakenly infer that the products sold will not live up to their expectations). Construction is the next step, because when we think of the website construction as the support framework of a house we’re building, and web design as the outside of the house – the siding, well-groomed yard and welcome mat that make it feel warm and inviting. And the last step is Migration and Launch (involves moving the site from a development server toward live launch).

Wow, and right now, I am ready to start my e commerce blog.
posted by angin-berbisik @ 10/27/2007  
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